Dublab Takeover at The BBE Store: Wax Christmas

Alongside with the podcast LDOE – Last Day On Earth, Dublab Brasil have been promoting live broadcasts at The BBE Store with guests to create a musical exchange between Brazil and London.

Dublab Brasil is back to The BBE Store for the last broadcast of 2019 with:

Fannoire Ge (Netil Radio)
Fradinho Music (Lazy Robot Records)
GeraH (Dublab Brasil)
DJ Hugo Arena (Birthday Set)
Marcio Martinez (LDOE – Last Day On Earth / Dublab Brasil / The BBE Store)
Michael Davies ( Spiritland / Discs of Fun and Love)
Siclano Silva (Turistas de Guerra)

Our guests will take over an amazing sound system to an afternoon/evening vibe around Brazilian Music, Jazz-Funk, Soul, Broken Beat and hidden gems from their record collection.

Live Broadcast on dublab.com.br

Get down early for a dig in our record shop.

Record shop and Number 10 bar will be open till 9pm.