Red Owl – Deep Night Mixtape

Pre-dominantly melodic, progressive and, in times, afro vibes are to be found in my mixes. Trying to be a perfectionist in my humble capacity, all tracks I choose in my sets need to touch the listener & dancer well beyond mechanics & electronics, namely by their emotions. And they preferably have a story in their own flow.

Erebus (Original)- Renhet
Red Tide – GESPONA
Takin Over (Vincenzo Remix) – Quivver
Armageddon – Amaton, Max Wexem, T.I.M.
Trepidation (Original Mix) – Paul Angelo, Don Argento
Nostalgija (Original Mix) – Brigado Crew, Crisstiano
Chillum – NekliFF
Theramore (Original Mix) – Brigado Crew & Crisstiano
Hypercolour (Mind Against Remix) – CamelPhat, Yannis & Mind Against
The Doors (Original Mix) – Rafael Cerato
Freedom (Matchy Remix) – Circle of Life
Telos (Matchy Remix) – Kostakis