Avi Del Mono – Alphabet Aerobics for Dublab Brasil

“When I get asked to do mixes, it’s easy to get lost in coming up with a concept and making it perfect, but then never actually produce anything. I recorded this in one take, mixtape style and kept it simple, showcasing a range of music. I used the letters of DUBLAB BRAZIL to choose artists from across my record shelves. Had to finish using the “H” of Lonnie Liston SmitH for a beautiful track by Ethiopian musician Hailu Mergia. You can see all the records used in order on my shelves in the picture. 🙂


De La Soul & MF Doom – Rock Co.Kane
Ursula Rucker – Spring
Brasil Ritmo – Novo Dia

Lata Mangeskhar – O Saathiya
Ali Farka Touré – Timbindy
Bobby Caldwell – My Flame

Blue Iverson – Soulseek
Radiohead – Nude
Aretha Franklin – A Rose Is Still A Rose
Zomby – Riding With Death
IG Culture – ClareiaI
Lonnie Liston SmitH – Mardi Gras

Hailu Mergia – Tizita

Sobre Avi Del Mono:
Malaga-raised Avi Del Mono has nurtured an acquired taste over the years. As a music enthusiast and record collector, Avi has been DJing for the best part of 20 years. His aptly-named HEAR NO EVIL radio show has become a landing spot for hip-hop, jazz, soul and warm electronica; nothing but good music that steers away from the mainstream. Now residing in London, the part-time photographer has worked alongside influential communities including Boiler Room, NTS and Livin’ Proof.