NSNS pres. Oliv with “The Intersection of Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Dance Music in Connection with Female, Non-binary and Trans Composers and Artists”

OLIV is one co-founder of the feminist ZENA collective and part of Breidenbach Label. ZENA stands for more female, non-binary and TRANS* presence in electronic music and club culture by organizing different kinds of events and hosting various projects such as parties, a weekly mixseries on soundcloud, discussions, talks, etc. Breidenbach Label invites local as well as national and international artists to their event series and awaits their second vinyl release at the end of the year. The deep, minimal and housy vibrating sound is their trademark. OLIV always varies between different genres such as Minimal, House, Tech, Breakbeat, Acid, Electro, Bass and Experimental. In her mixes and live shows she combines her interest in pulsating, moving basslines and heavy, overly intellectual rhythm patterns and beyond her scientific interest in listening to electronic and electroacoustic music in the most careful way as a total body experience.