NSNS pres. CIRCA with Russel (Chile)

Tomas Ruiz aka RUSSELL is an electronic music project that has been active in Santiago de Chile since 2015. A self made and well known artist in his home town of Santiago led to his multi-tasking role in helping launch the Cazeria Cazador (CZCZ) label in the roll of public relations, producer and DJ. This collaboration quickly spread throughout South America and Russell was followed up with important gigs featuring renowned artists such Nicolás Jaar( EC) , J.Albert (NY), Florian Kupfer (UK), Person of Interest (NY), Djs Pareja (ARG) and other well knowed artist in the globe . RUSSELL this past years has released diferent albums for chilean labels (Infinito audio) , (Halcxn) and ( ETCSrecords) all in physical formats showing us his different proposals and sounds. Tomas this 2021 takes his work to the next level teaming up with swiss label LBRrecords for his new upcoming 12 inch, 8 track vinyl release that will be distributed world wide