Antxnio Graz Apresenta: Love Letter To My Grandma – Mixtape

antxnio graz, n/b cyborg interdisciplinary sound artist based in Montréal from the south of Spain. They studied composition, music theory and piano between Spain and Finland. They finds in music a place to create a safe place for contemplation and stillness and to reflect on personal issues, such as queer and gender theories or possible futures.

love letter to my grandma </3 is a DJ MIX related to my grandmother who passed away this year. It’s a contemplative mix that reflect in the impossibility of being at the funeral and the process that exists after the death of a loved one, having the virtual environment as the only window to reality. Love letter to my grandma </ 3 is a elegy of 17 minutes long that mixes virtual love lyrics, ambient, experimental, neocassical and hyperpop.

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