NSNS invites Pedro Lima

S(GBA) recently had a conversation with Pedro about his life, inspiration, and works as a young artist in a small state like Alagoas. We invited him to share with us a mixtape with the tunes he hears while skating in the sun on the beach. What came out is exactly that…a 15 Track-long mixtape filled with Brazilian Classics.
He paints acryl on canvas and leaves lots of his paintings untitled because they speak for themselves. Through skateboarding, the young painter Pedro Lima comes in contact with the streets of Alagoas a small State in the north of Brazil, and extracts a deep-felt productive
motivation for his paintings “My inspirations reflect a lot of what I absorb. It comes a lot from the daily life that I bring into my work“. In our interview, he speaks about his vision, opportunities, and living in the moment of action and conversation.
Read the full interview here https://nsnsmagazin.cargo.site/Pedro-Lima and follow the artist via: https://www.instagram.com/pedrollim4




1 Estrelar – Marcos Valle
2 Os originais do samba – Tenha fé que amanhã um lindo dia vai nascer
3 Evinha – Espera pra ver – Evinha
4 Azul – Gal Costa
5 Chove chuva – Jorge ben jor
6 Como dois animais – Alceu Valença
7 Nine out of ten – Caetano Veloso
8 Canto de ossanha – Baden Powell
9 Antitaxi – La femme
10 Han pan – Peggy gou
11 Come on home – Lijadu sisters
12 The garden – papooz
13 Funnel of Love – Wanda jackson
14 Nineteen Hundred and eighty five – Wings
15 Paradigme – La femme