NSNS pres. CIRCA with Rizu X

Rizu X is an Electronic music Producer/Performer born out of the blend found in Border Cities Laredo, TX, USA and Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas, México created by Lizett Montiel in 2015.

Her identity is rooted in the limbo found in the frontera lifestyle and a profound engagement in interdisciplinary arts. Rizu X channels creative energies into electronic music production.

She self-released an EP titled “Torre” in 2017. After years of performing live in the South Texas/Northern Mexico area, producing and releasing music mainly on her Soundcloud, Lizett was approached by Matias Aguayo from German-based record label Cómeme in early 2018. That same year, she released two singles as part of the Solidarity Forever compilation trilogy. ”Dark Jungle” and “Cerca” are the tracks featured in Volumes II and III of said trilogy, accompanied by artists Katerina, Ana Helder, Christian S, and Aye Aye among others. She also was contacted by emerging Mexico City-based producers for the digital release of CVJV NEGRV Records’ “Musas Vol. 1” and Cintas Coagula’s “RWND” compilation albums. She performed at Traición x NAAFI 2019 New Year’s Eve Party and consequently invited to guest on NAAFI’s curated CDMX Tapes Show on NTS Radio. She guest mixed for Cómeme’s 10 Year Anniversary Rinse FM Takeover, has released several tracks for compilation albums for CDMX Radio Nopal, Houston, Texas Gone Baby Records and Net labels such as Matraca and Wileout.

In 2020, she released via Berlin-based label Cómeme a split EP with Katerina titled “Bizarro World”. Her latest EP was released in April 9th titled “Myokymia”, kicking off new NYC label Gone Baby Records.